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Anyone going flying this week ?


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Hello , fellow pilots.

I have now had 4 flights and nearing the end of my official training.

(Low flying lesson yet to be done - but engine failure successfully mastered (a real one *8-) )

My instructor is away this week, and the weather is just gorgeous and I so want to fly.

Are there any "istructor types" out there who can get me flying this week ?

So far I have flown 4 flights , 1 = 5mins, 2 = 25 mins, 3= 1 minute and 4 = 1.5 minutes -with engine failure.

If someone has instructor experience and a set of radios, to keep an eye on me, for takefoff and landing,

that would be fab ! I am happy to pay the going rate.

please respond here, PM me, phone / txt 07980 445 364 or email manfred.wolff@sky.com




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would help to know where you are Manny.



Silly me ! I am in Sunbury on Thames 2.5 miles south of LHR, 5 mins away from J1 of the M3,

but obviously mobile. :D

Basingstoke is 45-50 mins away, Guildford 25-30mins, but the evenings are at their longest

and I can travel, if it's for flying ! ;-)



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