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1998 On Isle of Sheppey

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Interesting this. Can't PM you Peter as I dont have your e mail address. I think I have one of your old Motors. Did you own a Backbone Spirit, purple frame, 80cc air cooled Vittorazi engine? When I bought it from the midlands last year, it came with some info in a large brown Jiffy Bag Labelled; Peter Bruce, 2 Constance Rd, West Croydon. The owner then, said that he had bought it from Sheppey. Almost found its way home if it was you as I am only in Rainham, kent and I spend a lot of time over at Old Rides Farm. Looks like the crash vid was by the generator house on the gun site along side the road out to the Ferry House Inn. Am I right?

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This is interesting - Yes the motor unit was mine and so are all the mods made to it. - fuel vent prevents fuel s*removed by admin*, bigger 10Ltr fuel tank, changed throttle with rev counter, smaller air intake to ensure better airflow, changed hang point, increased compression ratio & altered timing and exhause system (the latter was so bad on the original it would fail on each flight).

This was an 80cc unit (prev units were 66cc water cooled). via a 4 to 1 gearbox.

The address you had in Croydon was indeed correct but I moved to Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey in Oct 2007.

If anyone wants my info email me and I will supply my full details.

I hope my old unit gave good service because it did with me - it was my 4th unit and I was pleased with the good power to weight ratio as when I started it was the good old Solo agricultural lump most used and a small lighter lump can give the BHP if you gear it right and use the right prop pitch.

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Hi Peter, well we are only about 17 miles apart then. I was not aware of a lot of the mods you did to the setup. I realised that the anti torque strap had been removed from the harness at some stage. Since the chap I got it from had only flown it four times and could not get on with it, I assumed this may be the reason.

Colin Baker on this forum, just happened to have a strap, which he was good enough to send me ( Which reminds me Colin, I owe you a few beers at the flyin. Lager wasn't it? :-) ). I have stitched it back in place and the setup flys OK for me.

Kind regards


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Hi Fred.

The torque strap was fitted when I had it but to be honest the torque on this unit was not a problem because the prop pitch was so fine you did not feel the torgue like you did when you started you run at full power with the old Solo engine on your back.

The engine on my last unit was a Vitorazzi racing engine (cant say I spelt it right) and this was a go-cart developed racing engine which was light with high revs to get the BHP - 12000 rpm on the 80cc unit and the final prop speed was 3000rpm and I clocked mine at 3150 which was going some. - in my mind I felt this engine was a good choice and on a par with the Radney which was also light with a good power output - I did own one of the Rad units but it suffered badly with belt slip and really needed a proper gearbox like the backbone unit... The paramotor video made in 1998 was the Rad unit but to be fair after about two years it was sold on.

Things have moved on a lot now (for the better) and its interesting to see whats about - but shame my flying days are over...

for you Fred ps.bruce@btinternet.com

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