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1994 Paramotor Flight on the Isle of Wight

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Hi - When I had the paramotor on the IOW it was all rather new and illegal so I did keep a very low profile that year- police followed me from Chale to Blackgang where I doubled back and lost them so you can see life was not like it is now... Because Airwave were on the island there were always so many world class flyers trying out HGs & wings and I tended to stay with Airwave and as you see the last wing I had was the Voodoo 2 which was not the easiest to forward launch with.

So much more is known about the wings now and from what I have seen the inflation on a forward launch is so much more predictable - you lucky lot - I miss it a lot still.

I have just come off Eastchurch beach after about 45 minutes soaring with a flying wing (looks like a HG) Poor substitute...

I am glad the video is getting a few views - shows how old I am.

If you type into Youtube "Eastchurch Gap" you will get find a video flying from the beach if your interested.

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