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Hey folks,

I've been loitering here for a couple of years now, and I think it's about time I properly paid up and became a full member.

I seem to remember membership was in the shop, but I can't find it...I've also searched the forums but can't find anything recent about it.

Is this still an option or is it free now? (Or have a I missed a rather obvious big post that says "BECOME A FULL MEMBER HERE!" :lol:



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We have stopped taking on new memberships at the moment as we are re jigging the system a little.

I am about 2-3 weeks behind with admin stuff at the moment.. soz...

In a nutshell, the membership will run from (hopefully the 15th of July) until the 15th of July. By subscription.


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Credit.... kind of,

If your more than 6 months in to your existing membership we will ask you to pay a full year and have a free fly-in for the hassle..

Ref Pack....I am very sorry :-( I am crap at admin at the best of times... A better person has taken my place in the form of Tony. Watch this space for slick admin :-)

Would a pint for no pack work as compensation? + the missing kite of course :-)


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