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Welcome Lancashire


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Welcome to the Lancashire, this club will be run by Paul (TopSpark) from extreemppg, I am sure that he will introduce himself as soon as he gets back to a PC.



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Hi all and welcome to the Lancashire Branch

My aim for this thread is to recuit active pilots in the Lancashire area and to join in any discussions within the Forum.

I would also like to be able to arrange trips (weather permitting) to other club sites around the country, and to welcome your club to our flying sites.

Please join or login to the site and lets build a strong Lancashire flying team.

Thank you Simon for the oppotunity to run this thread

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Hi there, this is a newbie, recently converted from free flight & did my ppg training ( & still learning) with Paul Kilburn of manchester paragliders & planet parmotors. Love to do some flying with you guys & I am sure Paul would aswell. Only done a couple of flights but hooked on power (will still be doing some free flight as only 10 mins to shining & cats tor from my house).

I have a black hawk & currently using my old advance epsilon 3, which seems great for powered flight. great forum by the way, loads of info & looks very active.


Magnus (Mag for short )or Ninja as Paul calls me after ending up on my back looking like a turtle during my training!!

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