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starter switch / kill switch


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wired it all up as it should be ,But the starter motor seems like it has not got enough power . But i have started it with the battery on 2 seperate switches for starter and kill switch and it works fine . Could it be the wires in the throttle are not thick enough to carry the power as the ones i wired seperate are thicker . It does say in the manual for the engine they should be 4mm min . If it is the throttle i have where could i get a throttle with the thicker wires to carry the power through . I got this throttle with my frame i bought ..

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Hi Gaz.

The wires in the throttle cable should not be drawing large amps. they are merely to earth the relay or the ignition coil. The high amps are switched at the relay. give me a ring and ill talk you through it 07789 770 741

Colin B


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I found your 2010 diagram which was very clear.  Can you add an ON/OFF diagram to it?
Has anyone here developed an electrical system troubleshooting guide or checklist for a paramotor?
I am trying to build a trouble shooting process diagram for the AC Tornado but the Manual's  Electric Scheme  diagram on pg 23 is incomplete. And it incorrectly depicts the Main Switch (SPDT). I wondered if anyone can recommend a link for Someone whose already trekked this path.
My Main Switch failed yesterday [replaced] but I'd like to complete this learning and discussion.
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