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Hi, just got back from Mustards farm on Sheppey. Saw two paramotors up over Leysdown this morning, but unfortunatly I did not have the time to seek them out for a chat as I was only over there to Zero one of my rifles. One wing looked mainly orange and the other was blue. Guess that they might have taken off from the direction of Nick's holiday camp. Don't know what colour wing you fly Ian but I remember you said that you fly out on the Island. If not you, any one have any idea who these chaps are?



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That will have been my instructor Andy and a friend called Shahid.

You're right, they took off from Nicks holiday park!

I couldn't fly as I was off to see my sister and new baby in Peterborough. Missed a good days flying but there will be plenty of other opportunities and it's not every day that you get a new nephew!

Best regards,


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Hi Ian, looked like they were both having fun. My mate Chris owns Mustards farm and is Nick's cousin I think.

Five day forecast says the wind is picking up for the rest of the week. Sods law says it will calm down again for next weekend when I am committed to stalking in Hampshire.

Congratulations on the nephew by the way.

We must meet up for a drink some time.

Kind regards


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