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9th April - Flagpole

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Hi Pete,

Was trying to get Friday morning off.

Unfortunately looks like I`ve got too much work on :(

On the Plus side though, I have booked South Cerney Airfield for tomorrow morning 8:30 till 1100. If all goes well and I have more interest than complaints this might be a good site for a new and exclusive branch of the paramotor club. :D

At this time Ive not asked for clearance for anyone else . But I`m pretty sure this wont be a problem if you just happen to be passing by. :D

Colin B

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Good work on getting permission for flying on the airfield! I can't make tomorrow morning sadly. I'm on leave all of next week though, so if you are flying in the area i'd be keen. SC sounds like a great base for a future Joint Services Paramotoring Club, born out of DAPMC, who knows?

If you are free Friday PM after work and want to fly, give me a call. I might make a day of it.

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Colin, Peter and I are now well on the case to create the Joint Services Paramotor Club.

It already has 12 members in waiting, now with an awesome site!!

Some club kit and a membership and we are away!

I am happy to get this up and running as a 'Civi' QFI, and hand over to Colin when he has done his instructors course as the Military PMC head.

The future for the JSPMC is bright!


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