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Old Fuel--New Fuel


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Hi All

I'm a Newbie and need a bit of advice please.

I have had pre-mixed fuel for my Parajet stored in a 10 litre metal jerry can for nearly 2 weeks now.I haven't been able to use it, due to the crap weather we've been experiencing.

At what stage,if at all, does this fuel become 'Old Fuel' and unsuitable to use in my motor? :?



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Hello Terry. when i go to moto-X. i always have fresh fuel eveytime i use the machine,the longer you leave fuel in a can the octane goes down e.g you get less of a ignition.so in your case you have a 2 stroke same case as a moto-X bike .2 weeks it has been stored. dont use it. use fresh fuel. iam no novice in the moto-x game. same rules will apply......also in moto-X i could use a octane booster and would put octane level up...Dont use this in your paramotor.From .. *<|:0) LAWRENCE

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"Gasoline stored in a tightly closed container in a cool place will stay good for at least a year. It is better if the container or gas tank is almost (95%) full. If the container or gas tank will be in the direct sun or will be heated above 80 degrees F. much of the time, add an aftermarket fuel stabilizer to the gas when you first buy it. Gasoline-oil blends for two-stroke cycle engines stored under the proper conditions will keep as well as gasoline itself."

The oil additive therefore does not make any difference in storage life.

"All gasoline has finite storage life. If storing gasoline longer than 6 months, you may want to use a supplement fuel preservative additive."

Looks like the above follows the posts so far on this thread, metal jerry cans are excellent storage containers, plastic ones are ok for short term transportation. Stick it in your car petrol tank if you are not sure....

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hi another example; if petrol is left in a cars metal fuel tank e.g 5 to 6 months .when you go to start car. because of old fuel. the car wont start easy. if you put fresh fuel in metal fuel tank.the car will start more easier then then the old fuel.FROM:0) LAWRENCE

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