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Wings for a beginner (on a budget 2nd hand)


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Anyone know of some good wings for a beginner (modern and safe essential)?

I'm 90kgs + boots, helmet, kit, motor, reserve etc (Am buying the wing to continue ground handling until I can afford a motor :roll: ).

Ideally I'd like either a Paramania Revolution 28 or the Apco Thrust (Large) however i'm looking at 2nd hand with a top enf of £1k and unsure if these would be available at these prices?

I've seen a Paramania Action 29 L for £650 but wondering if these are becoming a little old now? Any suggestions on wings or prices I should be looking to pay?

Thanks AdrianE :D

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I got my wing second hand (revo 28) for a grand from ebay. good second hand kit is out there and within that budget.

Just make sure you get someone who knows what there looking at to have a look before you buy (assuming you don't :D ) or ensure it gets inspected first.

Tom :coptor:

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