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Hi All,

I'm sure we all keep a log book of our flights, but what do you record?

I like to record the weather (wind speed, direction, cloud cover) type of launch, distance covered, speed, altitude, route, duration of flight (could also be use to keep log of hours your wing has flown / motor has run).

Take off time / landing time?

I'm currently using one designed for microlights and I can't get all the information I want in there as some of the boxes printed are for Microlights.

The BHPA do a Log book, but this is for paragliders, so what do you use?

Would it be possible for the PMC to design and print a logbook with relevant boxes for the pilot to fill in?

Could be purchased through the shop?

What would be recorded?

Are there any legal requirements as to whet needs to be recorded / documented?

Could it be that an A4 sheet is printed from this site and filled in then printed and kept in a folder?

Lots of questions I know, but I want to keep an accurate record of my flights in an official log book that's designed by Paramotorists for Paramotorists.........



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Cheers Dan,

I've read that thread and Simon said:

Well, you have spoiled the supprise a little with this one...

We aim to have online logs available very soon on this very site.

you can print, save, or just store online forever if you like.

About 2 weeks left for this one to happen.


Any news on this Simon??

Also Gordon Link isn't working any more.

I think I'll have a go at designing something so that its A5 size and can be printed and filled in and stored in an A5 folder.


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I have just re-asked my web guys to look in to an online version of the above that stays filed on the site.

As soon as they give me an idea of time scale, I will let you know.


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