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Newbie in Aylesbury

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Very newbie, in fact.

No kit, no training as yet. Had a punter dual flight in Turkey in the summer which was grand, aloft for about 35mins - not bad considering I am 100kg. Still, the pilot was a stick insect!

Have training paid for with Axis in Abergavenny, just need to set dates for a long weeknd or similar. Lambourn is a quick whizz down the A34, so that might be a good option for those odd days. Simon, tell me more...

Was at the show last weekend, and I think Giles talked me and my flying buddy into a Parajet. Think I'll get the flying bit sorted, or at least some basic wing handling, before I commit though.

Have been in touch with Lawrence via this forum, who is also based in Aylesbury, so we may have the makings of a club up here...but it's early days.

Very interested in the John O'Groats to Lands End trip...sounds like it should be filmed...I feel a documentary coming on. Has anybody thought of tying up with Balloon groups on the route - they will know all the good flying sites. I still know a few people from when I was involved in that in the years BC (Before Children)...

Love to hear from anyone who is in the area...

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Hi Tim

Nice to see another local guy. I am also in Aylesbury and a newby. If you want to pass me your details we can meet up and do some ground handeling. I currently have a spare training wing you can use, and a good secondhand wing if you are in the market for one.



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