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This may be the future. Performance with safety ?

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Credit where credits due........I saw the future .....and its starting to happen just as I imagined it

(Nearly) 8)

when I first started paramotoring 10+ years ago( Microlight 15+ )...I went to all the shows to see what gear was available....and because I did not know anything about paragliders I couldnt understand why they didnt have a blown up leading edge and two lines like a kite surfer or fiberglass battens to keep the leading edge open and to keep the aerofoil from it collapsing.....every single manafacture told me it would make the wing unsafe and the reaction after a collapse would be too dynamic.....my answer to that was well if it was kept open it wouldnt collapse would it !!!

move forward 10 yrs and Ozone are experimenting with carbon rods in the leading edge and the entire length of the wing.....and two lines.....to maintain the wing profile and we have the woopy fly. the inflatable wing.....something to ponder on a rainy/snowy day


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