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Flying over water


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From: Tee

Date: 2009/12/3

Subject: [ppgbiglist] Water Landing Photos...interesting

To: ppgbiglist@yahoogroups.com

Last week one of our youngest member in Chiangmai Paramotor Club,Thailand 15 years old died becuase of water-ski flying in the middle of the lake.

So they did test..What really happen if you fly into water?

http://www.chiangmaiparamotor.com/forum ... opic=264.0

Photo 1-8 :

Brief and test with big float made from car inner tube, this one work very good if you intend to fly over water.

Photo 9-17 :

Test with Sigma inflatable Vest ( similar to Agama )

It did not work at the first time, pilot was drowning.

Because he pulled it wrong way.

Photo 18 ,19 - should pull downward not to the front, otherwise it will stuck.

Photo 20

This Sigma ( 150 N) worked fine if pilot+ engine weight less than 100 Kgs.

Photo 21-23 if Pilot+ engine weight more than 100 Kgs , it won't work.

( so need better one like Solas or Agama -300N?)

the pilot in water without tany floating devices.

If you are good and well prepared , you may escape within 15 second.

The best and safe flying is not to fly over deep water!!!!

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