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Kobra PPG in UK


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Nice powerfull unit when fitted with the Simonini 200. You'd have to like low hangpoints to fly one comfortably. They are very low. Probably nice for comp flying. Good economy and quiet. Fairly robust and not very heavy. Couple of niggles. Exhaust brackets are too long and so they regularly break. The seat board can catch the frame whilst upright so it can be a struggle to get into the seat after takeoff.


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UK Website has been updated and looking for UK dealers.


Latest Kobra Rocco 230 ST (super thrust) evo is kitted up to take tandem or trike and produces..... are you ready.. 110kg thrust :acro:

There is also the full carbon chassis sky100 motor called.... the 'Karbon' :wink:

For information the mid/low weight shift arms on the Kobras are one of the safest systems available with a very strong CNC machined stem and a locking nut (not a bolt) a great improvement over current designs. Curved over sized CNC weight shift arms and custom harness designs with lots of attention to detail.

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Fresh breeze XCiter ......to name but one

The following is taken from there specifications

The engine

The economical 70 HP Hirth engine comes with a centrifugal clutch and also with an instrument panel and gauges for RPM, engine temperature and altitude, and a radio intercom system.

This fuel injected, water cooled powerhouse doesn't hesitate to lift two in the air with ease.

So it would seem power is not the problem with centrifugal clutches

personal preference might be, extra cost, more things maybe to go wrong, more things to check and clean

I still like them though if it saves something (anything) just once it will be worth it to me

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Electric stop start and I have never needed a clutch or want one with the delayed throttle responce.

Pull starts need and should have a clutch for safety reasons but I still see it as more of a draw back in performance and mechanical problem. Shoes springs bearings.

Electric NO

Pull Yes

Seems correct to me and works well in practice. But customer always being right it should be no problem to fit a clutch to a belt drive, has been done on old solo units before as there was a kit.

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This is a classic example of why they are so many different opinions .....

None of them wrong......its just personal preference....and experience

electric starts .....I wouldnt touch them.....the reason its something to go wrong an old paramotor of mine set on fire at 1,500 ft the reason was to do with the electrics.......that was enough to put me off them for life......I can do without the extra weight and use the weight saved for a clutch

delayed throttle responce ? maybe a midges but Ive never physically felt any delay....and I dont reckon anybody could.......

PS maybe Mathieu Rouanet could but then he flys a hand start clutched paramotor !! wonder why :mrgreen:

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I wouldnt touch them.....the reason its something to go wrong an old paramotor of mine set on fire at 1,500 ft the reason was to do with the electrics:

now that could have been nasty!..

how did you know it was on fire?... and how did you get down quickly?

thats my worst nightmare, and what im scared of most, would be really interested in your "story"


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I lived to tell the tale but nearly gave up after this incident ...

I had just waved to some people on top of a mountain and the engine stopped.....I tried to re start it but it was dead....

ie nothing happened it would not turn over so I started to look around for a lading field ....I reckoned I could make it back to the field I took off from so aimed that way ....Then I smelt it :shock:

Burning FU*KIN.... BURNING....I tried to look around but couldnt see anything no smoke but my back felt pretty warm.....I thought about it for a moment should I spiral down quick .... :?:

but then I thought I might just make it worse maybe fan the FIRE ....and get it going a bit better :shock:

so I just kept on my heading.....and hoped I would make the field...I undid my harness to try and turn around but without actually getting up to turn around I couldnt so I just sat there and hoped......I did also think about the reserve but thought that might be also a bad idea I would come down even slower :? and my lines might burn through :o

I landed within 50ft of the van.....when I got my nerves back to nearly normal I went over to inspect the paramotor......the battery had melted along with it most of the wires......and the back of the harness....a big black mess... ( and a smell I will never forget )

I took it to a auto electrician the next day who found the cause of the fire.....he said the charging system had boiled the battery as the way it had been done ment that there was not

anything to regulate the amount of charge being put into the battery...so it was producing far to much electric for the battery to cope with ....so it didnt :roll:

I got my money back on that paramotor after threatening to take the maker to trading standards as it was not fit for purpose.....

and that is why I reckon I can do without a battery and a starter

its SODS law page 3 ( if if can happen it will sooner or later )

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Scarey stuff Gary. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have imagined a warm sensation in my back, more than once. It's rare to be a problem, but you still feel vulnerable.

Tell me Gary. If you had an aeresol fire exstinguisher, on elastic and mounted somewhere handy, do you feel you would've been able to use it ??


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The Fresh Breeze Xcitor I occasionally fly has no clutch. Is it really a paramotor? I find it flies like a very limited microlight and certainly uses an engine more akin to a microlight than a paramotor. What paramotors do you have in mind when you say 'to name but one'?

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The one I fly when I go to NZ does !!

however it would seem that its not the fact that the clutches are not up to it....they are

its just that it starts to cause other problems one of which is starting.......read and learn I did..

http://footflyer.com/fix/clutch_redrive ... utches.htm

it seems there is a way around the problem ...but it looks a pain in the arse


any way I still want a clutch on my Paramotor ( Personal choice )

and I still dont want electric start, starter motor, ring gear, ect. ( Personal choice )

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