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Karan returns to Pune

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I have a brand new seawind helmet with built in headphones & Mic etc for him, the size is XL61-62cm. The radio attachment lead will fit a Kenwood radio. It has been donated by a friend of mine who bought it and then took ill and had to give up his dreams of flying. I'm in the UK for a couple of days next week so if you want it for him can you PM me your address and I will send it to you.


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That is excellent, thank you. I will feel a bit like Father Christmas in December I think. :lol:


Thanks for that, to the best of my knowledge no, he doesn't have one. He has made a ground handling harness out of bits of strapping and a couple of krabs but has not got as far as navigation yet though that is clearly 'on the near horizon'. It would be very welcome.

Blog Update


This is the wing your contributions have gone towards gents.

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Hi Friends :D:coptor: , Namaste!

I am again move to Pune for refresh my PPG flying on 01 Jan 2011 and Join my Instructors (Eric & Mangesh) there, for my refresher. They tell me they are busy for a week but they will try to give me a time for refresh my flying & then move to Nepal to join Paramotor Yatra 2011. I dont want to say any more about MHASC yet, just saying that mission is still in progress, not stoped . I am very happy that I get a leave to see that Paramotor Yatra in Nepal. Till date the 21 participator from different country are fly in Yatra.

Russia - 09

Singapore - 01

Malasiya - 01

Brazil - 02

Netherlands - 01

Belgium - 02

Isreal - 03

France - 02

All the best to all and Happy landings…………………………………….. :wingover:




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