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Kit Reviews?


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This is a tricky one.

The best way for it to happen would be to set up a rating type page.

The problem is with text 'reviews' like your recent one.. is that if I am asked to remove it but any person from that company I have too by law.

So, you can never reply on the info you are seeing.

The problem with the rating type page is that you / I have no control over who votes for what.. and many people will abuse it.

To get a fully relyable system, that only 'owners' could comment on would require a person to check the validity of the information. Proof of ownership, pictures to back up claims, and so on...

Anyone fancy that job?

If so, I can talk to the web team and start thinking about how to do the back end stuff.


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I know this to be 100% the case.

When I worked for Freeserve / Wannado this was made very clear to us all. (indeed much of my time was taken up checking posts on the worlds largest internet community.)

The problem with giving the freedom of speech thing a long leash is that it does not give the manufacturer, instructror, importer.. the chance to respond yet the customer can rant.

I am not saying no, I think its a great idea but only valuable if we can think of a way to get it done correctly.

Ideas, welcome.


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