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Day 3 training at skyschool I started to kite my new apco thrust HP wing this wing comes up nice and quick a Little brake and it just flies waiting for me , Start to move forward a little on both brakes and feel the lift. Top to bottom from a nice ridge So reverse lunch on the A lines the apco just come straight up a bite on the brakes to stop it over flying me off the brakes run a touch of both brakes and away .Note trimmers on, A left turn a right turn back straight in to wind a little on both brakes slow it down a bit and flare, beautiful. days 4and 5 much of the same.ALEX LEDGER OF SKYSCHOOL with harry hays what a team they make . Day 6 motor on a parajet macro ,got some power and so smooth fantastic bit of kit ,Had a 50 minute fight all caught on film .The training I had was top class so good I am off to Spain to finish my training so I can fly solo with out an Instructor, Taking my apco thrust HP with me.I was told to train on the wing, you intend to fly on and you get used to how it flies. So as you can tell i am so pleased with the apco thrust HP.

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Hello Geoff,

I dont think the Apco Thrust HP would be the type of wing most schools, manufacturers or I would recommend as your first wing. Normally a trainee pilot would gain initial experience on the Apco Prima, Karma or Thrust before deciding to fly an Apco Thrust HP.

Learning on this type of wing allows you to progress with the decreased risks to your gear and yourself coupled with the advantage have a greater resale value.

Well done with your success so far and I hope you get plenty of flying done in Spain :D



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