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Paramotor Holidays.


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Simon - I like the website design. Nice job ! - and I can see the desert influence from your recent Skycar expedition :lol:

You mentioned that you and some of the senior members are looking into a number of additional trips into 2010 and beyond.

You may well already have this one on your radar, but any chance of a group of us attending Coupe Icare 2010 in September ? As looking at the following clip, this has got to be one of the best (foot launched) aviation festivals in Europe. It looks like awesome fun...



Direct link to wide format version here:

I know much of this video focussed on the fancy dress paragliding, but the group filming were PPG'ers, and there was also a load of interesting PPG gear on display (including Parajet).

Has anyone attended any of the previous (36) festivals?

*** UPDATE ***

Check out the amazing additional clip of flying off the Dent de Crolles in my latest addition to the Video of the Week thread :

Video of the Week: Flying off the Dent de Crolles


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