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Alloy, Stainless, Titanium or Steel?


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Well, stainless or mild steels bend back into shape better (or at least with a lower risk of work hardened cracking) than aluminium and can be welded at home with stick or MIG welder. To weld aluminium you will need an AC TIG plus a good skill set. I believe Ti is tough stuff to drill/machine/weld but it's toughness might make it more resistant to damage in the first place.

My personal would probably be stainless (at least for the cage). I have actually produced a workable cage for my Bailey out of stainless thin wall tube, which even Paul Bailey said was pretty good. The whole cage probably came to about £50. If money was no object, I'd probably go for Ti, or stick with aluminium and buy a nice shiny TIG welder to patch it up.

If you are never going to bend it, it doesn't really matter :-)


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Here's another option to consider ........... Osborn Metals .............. avalible in sorts of diameters, wall thicknesses and profiles (including streamline and oval/teardrop)

Just check out the specs of there GT 750 and GT1000 ....

GT750 ........... http://www.osbornbujon.com/gt750.htm

GT1000 ......... http://www.osbornbujon.com/gt1000.htm

1000 welding spec's


........ that is top shelf tube spec - I've built a Ducati motorcycle frame using GT1000 (1976 900SS) - wall thickness less than 1mm!

Problem with the stuff - not cheap ..........

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