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This weekend ?

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Hi folks - did anyone manage to get up in the air this evening, as it looked like perfect weather - with great visibility, a gentle breeze and lovely sunset. (I love the light quality at this time of year).

Anyway the weather forecast looks set for a sunny weekend, but almost nil wind on Saturday again - so will no doubt be doing more GH front launch practice :oops:

Simon/Colin - am definitely planning to be at the Flagpole Saturday morning, but was also wondering whether anyone was likely to be there from mid afternoon tomorrow?


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Thanks for the feedback Simon.

Another really gorgeous evening, just hope that many of the folks here are able to take advantage of it. And if they do they can post some good pics...

As it turned out I couldn't make it over today, as totally swamped at work - and will be working into the wee small hours to clear some of it. But will definitely be up there tomorrow, although forecast showing winds of only 1-2mph (sods law).

Anyway looking forward to 'officially' starting my training tomorrow. Just got to find some spare time to start a proper blog... :D


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Saturday Morning Spanker Alert.


looks like a lovely morning, if anyones about at 9am ? :D

if you do fly remember to watch the height (top to bottom) of the fluffy clouds and if in doubt dont fly over the middle of the day

as its a NW wind which is Paragliders XC delight usually + spring = danger

Kind Regards


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