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Paramotor project - local engineer wanted!


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I am planning to get a new engine soon so I will be passing on my old motor to a friend who is going to start flying. Simon, you will probably remember the engine I am talking about - an old Vortex one, with a SOLO 210 engine that was a bit 'temperamental' to say the least. Well, it needs a bit of an overhaul / modernisation and I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone fairly local (Swindon / Lambourn) who might be able to do the following work:

- supply and fit a new carb (Welbro, probably)

- supply and fit an electric starter motor (the engine mounting has the bracket ready for the starter motor but it the frame may need some welding to create a bracket for the battery)

- new throttle system (including cables, handset, ignition / cut off switches)

- new fuel lines throughout (old ones looking a bit ropey

In due course it will need new props, Volution Compact will fit, but not urgent. Grateful if anyone could pass me the details of anyone who could do this work and I will pass them on to my friend.

By the way, I will also be passing on my old wing and so I am in the market for a good second hand wing like the Revolution 26, to go with my new engine. Eventually I will probably get a Fusion but I want to get something more approriate for an intermediate / beginner so that I can get he hours up first. I learned to fly on a Revolution so that would be ideal.



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Pete and Simon,

Many thanks for your replies. I will give your details to my friend who is taking ownership of this paramotor. I am out of the country at the moment but I look forward to flying with you guys when I get back in December. It is now in my garage and ready for him to collect when he wants it!

If you hear of anyone wanting to sell a Revolution 26 in the coming months can you tell me? As I posted above, keen to have a good second hand wing to get some more hours on before I upgrade to something like the fusion.


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Peterb, does the solo have a tillitson currently fitted? if so and you are changing to the warlbro you will need the adaptor plate to fit it, the throttle cable will also have to be re-routed, I did this and it made a big inprovement on starting and running, I got the parts from here


If you are fitting the warlbro, carry out the butterfly mod too, it cleans up the midrange



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Matt said that he would be in touch with you by email.

I have changed my username (and become a full member!) as it was getting too confusing having a very similar username to one of the most prolific members. That is respect!


Im sure no one would confuse an old forester like me with anyone else :lol:

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