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What a weekend for good weather. I had visitors for the weekend and they don't like flying or heights, we were sat outside Sat & Sun and all l could do is look up at the bright blue sky then look at the limp trees with hardly a breath of air brushing past the leaves and thinking l should be somewhere else right now lol.

Hoping l am free for next weekend (fingers crossed eh!)


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Hope it works out well for you Mike.

I have just posted a little bit on another forum, singing the praises of my lovely wife Nikki, who not only hasn't complained about me flying for the last three days, but even suggested tonight that I could sleep up at the airfield (comfy caravan) to make the most of an early start if I wanted (no, she doesn't just want all the quilt ) ;-)

I think she knows that as and when I get my hip surgery that I'm going to be grounded for ages, and will be like a bear with a sore head for six months!

She's fantastic, the absolute best, and not sick of me yet, even after twenty eight years.


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