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looks interesting


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Hi Dave - that was one of the videos that I had lined up for my Videos of the Week. Great minds and all that :wink:

Amazing flying - Dell Schanze may bug a lot of people with his politics when on the ground, but you can't ignore his flying skills (or b@lls) once in the air.

Anyway here is some technical data on this wing :


Here also is his other related clip - comparing the stability of the K2 to some other wings



From what I have read it appears that he is the person responsible for wider distribution of this wing based on his testing. If it is half as good as he says it is (he has been known to exaggerate a tad :lol: ), then it looks pretty competitive at ~€2900.


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It's a terrible thing to say, but I wouldn't buy anything that Dell recommends, purely on principle. He really does irk me that much.

Jeremy Clarkson comes a close second to him in pure 'I am a God' self aggrandisement.


PS remember that all reflex wings will kill you!

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Hi Phil.

Yes he does come over as a marmite sort of a bloke.

You may be pleased to hear that he has just come out after a very brief spell behind bars (nothing PPG related). But bounced back with his own typically modest report on the experience : http://dellschanze.blogspot.com/

The reality was they were probably glad to get him back outside :lol:

But got to admit I do enjoy his flying clips, and would love to try a FlatTop one day...


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See if you can get a Demo off Tim King. I've said before, if mother was starting ppg, I'd probably choose this one for her. Nice if you have to walk up mountains with it on your back too.


Love my mum I do. Dell's Dell and he aint ever gonna change, but Sky do make superb wings. Seems a pity to let your emmotions reduce your choice IMO. Especially as Dell mostly promotes good wings. I'm with you on the reflex though. I dont think he's got that entirely right. We dont all fly acro and some of them are nice and fast and stable. In short. Fly the lot,then choose what you like ! (as long as it's safe)

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