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Power Problems


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Any advice?

My engine just isn't producing enough power; even with no trimmers or speed bar I am only just maintaining height on full power.

It was fine, and I have tried everything I can think of (tuning, cleaning carb, new spark plug, belt tension, new petrol, tighten thottle cable), over the past couple of months - but I've run out of ideas now.

It starts, picks-up and runs fine, and sounds OK, it just isn't producing enought oomph.

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.

I'm 11st flying a G6 Power 100cc motor (BlackHawk) with a Dudek reAction.



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Hi Simon,

Thanks for posting. you have just saved me grands worth of possible engine trouble... :D As I`m looking at possible replacements for my old vittorazi unit that died again at the weekend.

I dont know how many hours your unit has, But have you tried re-packing the silencer?. Did this to mine few weeks ago and it totaly renewed the power output back to original.

Colin B

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Does it have a reed valve, if 'yes' then check the petals for any damage.

Head and base gasket

Leaking crank bearing seals

Plug cap or HT coil tracking

Sticking decompresser

Check compression to rule out stuck rings

Blocked breather on tank

One way flap valves in carb starting to fail

Air leak on inlet track or fuel line

Blocked fuel filter or tank pick-up

Give me a while, I'll probably think of some more;

Oh, you've not swapped the prop have you?


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If the engine is reaching full revs and you still don't feel enough power, maybe it is slipping. Meaning your engine is going fast, but your prop is going as if the engine was reving much less.

If you have centrifugal clutch, then check it is not worn out. Could be slipping there. If it is belt, I imagine you can do a similar check on the belt. Maybe needs the belt adjusted tighter.

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  • 3 months later...

Thanks for all of your advice.

The manufactures of my G6Power motor saw this post and said, not to worry, they would get me airborne again, even if that meant sending me a new engine.

We tried a few things, that didn't work; and so I took them up on their offer of a new engine. Apparently the problem with the old motor was with the piston (difficult to diagnose).

I got the brand new (& shiny) engine at Christmas, and had my first flight yesterday (over some fantastic scenery of snow covered hills in Scotland).

They engine is great, started first time, even in the sub-zero temperatures, and had plenty of power.

And I have been most impressed with the manufacture, they have been very helpful and seem to care about their end-users, thank you.

Happy flying


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