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Ozone Viper2

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Hey Dan !

The Viper 2 is awesome. I have not flown much gliders with reflex or semi reflex profile before and i come from free flying. From what i know, the nicest thing about OZRP is that you can use the brakes when the trims are fully released (not the case with most reflex's) and the handling...classic OZONE ! So much fun to fly ! I also fly a Rush XS 21m and 6907 18m. With 1/2 trims released, the Viper 2 is almost as dynamic as the 6907 ! The bad side is inflating in no wind...if you d ont have the trick, it tends to ''shrimp''. The tips fly faster than the middle. You have to hold the middle risers by the ''maillon rapide'' (biners) and inflate with 2/3 trims released, then, no more problems. I have flown it in verry turbulent conditions +8 m/s lift, i could not believe the stability. My background as a free flying pilot did not make feel good about increasing the speed in rowdy air, but it works ! You gain stability. And the speed bar is verry efficient. You can easily control pitch sability with it, combined with throtle. It does not feel like a comp wing (compared to the Mantra's)...And the performance are there with or without the engine. NICE !

Landing the Little Cloud Spirulline 18m ? no problems at all ! This little wing as a lot of speed hands up so it honors you a lot of ''ressource'' at the end of your flare...similar to a swoop like sky diving. Not for beginers but accesible. The speed with the trims released is bluffing ! Somewhere above 70 km/h. In level flight, it tends to turn to one side, you can correct this by pulling one of the trimmers...

Cheers !



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Hi Bruno,

I didn't realise you could use the brakes with the Ozone whilst flat out. I just bought my first reflex glider (Gin Airflex) and I also started free flying first. I find it really hard to trust the reflex and only really use it in more stable conditions at the moment, when it gets rougher I tend to keep it trimmed down or on neutral. I cant get away from wanting to fly the wing actively when it gets rough. It would be nice to have the brakes as back up when in reflex.


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