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I just heard on the Radio....

A new warning is going out to people who walk in the country (more so people with dogs)

The warning suggests that people are very carefull when in a field with cows in. The 'nosey' nature of cows has killed 3 people this year by crushing.

Aside of course from the people that have died...

I found the above quite amusing so posted it.

As someone who lives in the sticks I would be more concerned about the bunnies! They are building massive army's and no one seems to be noticing! :shock::shock::shock:


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And of course there is the inevitable backlash from liberals saying the farmers shouldn't put cows in fields with footpaths through them FFS. How about they take themselves and their North Face jackets off the farmers land!

This is akin to the 'nimby's' who buy a house next to a long established airport, and then complain about aircraft noise.

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I think! I hope I've cracked it.......but what I wanted was a picture on this site instead of somebody else's........?


You do 'eeet like zis M'suer.

Log into your Photobucket page, find the picture you want - right click on it. Select 'save image location'. Then come back to your target page here, right click to paste the link. Then highlight the link and then press the 'image' button below (when you are writing the post it is visible with the rest of the formating tools) which will drop the image tags on either end for you. Voila!

ATB, Norman (Admin hat on).

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