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MCJ Action Reflex section - hmmmm


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I was invited to as new local site tonight, as forecast a tad windy brought the Action 27 out of semi-retirement. Turns out the site was near the slope up from the canal, so some of the wind was a bit messy.

My launch was good, so at about 50ft I went to full reflex and more power before leaving the field. Sure it was bumpy, but at no time did I feel at risk. At about 700ft above launch my upwind speed in gusts was down to 3 mph, downwind it max was 54mph. I landed on full trip and still only had minimal penetration forward speed. Felt more like landing a round parachute straight down than the usual wing runway approach. I then convinced the other two with either bigger or less reflex wings NOT to fly.

In hindsight... I would not fly in those conditions again. BUT if I do it will be on the Action 27, as it is still amazing in serious wind. It is too small/fast for me in no wind. I had to eat early morning nil-wind dirt to find this out, so last year found a ReAction 31 for that.

THANK YOU MCJ for the stunning Reflex wing section :lol::lol::lol:



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You might have been impressed listening to the accolades spoken for the Revolution during T2T.

On reflection and after doing a lot of thinking and listening, I don't think it is putting to finer point on it to say that some of them are still here (very skilled handling assumed) courtesy of MCJ - the design of that wing. I hope they can comment from the hot seat. No sales pitch - it is impressive work.

Decision making always has its part to play as well of course... :roll::lol:

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