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Trikes & beaches


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Does anyone know if there are any trikes out there that can be launched/landed from a soft sandy beach? Ie one with very fat wheels maybe :?:

Check this out


Its fresh breeze, German build quality aswel.


More info on the BulliX here http://www.fresh-breeze.de/en/en_trikes_bullix.htm

Piers hasn't got all the info updated yet. I like the idea of the Flyke. It has big bivouac distance potential.


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Thanks for the advice and links.

I've been looking at the Bulli-X and Flat Top's similar trike, but I'm not convinced that they'll work on really soft sand. Also, I've seen no reference on any website to suggest otherwise, only that they are designed for rough terrain.

Will keep looking into it though.



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