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dudek synthesis or nucleon??


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I want to buy a new wing, I am new to the sport. I have just bought a s/h adventuref3 to hang off it. what is the best wing out of these the dudek nuclion or the dudek synthesis


i think your question also contains the correct answer......

being new to the sport the nucleon isnt really meant for you

im a low hrs pilot and have a synth -- very easy to launch, ditto landing and fast as you like in the air!!.

maybe when ive got 60 or so hours under my belt id go for the nucleon ( but more likely a paramania fusion ) but for now the synthesis is more than enough.

also look out for the paramania revolution -- a little harder to launch in nil winds, but nonetheless a very highly rated wing - one that you will take a good while to grow out of!

pity you bought a motor --- you could have had my package ( see the for sale section )!

good luck bud.

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