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PPG for morons

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Copied from the other side but Im sure Paul wont mind.

Finally, a video that answers all of your questions (or, possibly, none of them).

Can you smoke in the air ?

Can you fall out of the sky and be Ok ?

Is it easy to clean mud off of your rig ? (No)

Is wearing tennis shoes with a suit a fashion faux pas ?

More information is in the video's sidebar.

This video is a little longer than usual (6:50) but I wanted people to enjoy a few extra seconds of cool flying footage- in the beginning and end. For instance, near the beginning, notice the "contrails" coming from the spinning prop of the pilot warming up his engine. It was a humid morning and the prop was bashing the water right out of the air (I think).

Finally, Pete Baldwin, I hope this doesn't bring back any bad memories. I assume that you're healed up nicely and back in the air. (I've had this video idea for a year and then you gone and DID it for real before I could make the video.)

"PPG for Morons: Fire in the Sky !"

Paul Anthem

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