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Belt slippage


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A precautionary tale. Not so much a forced landing but certainly a flight cut short.

Last weekend I refitted the drive belt and had a good 40 minute flight last monday.

This morning I did all the usual preflight and full power test, took off and was climbing past 500 feet thinking something does not sound right with the motor. Everything had been OK on the ground.

I reduced revs through the rev range to check for any unexpected vibration then back at full throttle I noticed the tacho showing over revving. The penny dropped and I realised I had belt slippage, altered the throttle setting and got slippage big time. I turned back to the field and landed with no problem.

My error was that on refitting the belt I tightened the castelated nut back to the position it had been originally, assuming that as it had been OK before it should be tight enough now.

I know what the saying is, never assume :oops: it makes an ass out of u and me.

I have a stated torque in the manual so I'm now going to tighten it to that.

Hoping this helps somebody not to do the same :roll:



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