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Yesterday's Blip!


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Its summer so of course it is raining like mad but Saturday(Yesterday) was a dry spell in otherwise unrelenting rain. But what a day it was....

6.30 start. Up at Leisure Lakes field in Southport by 8am. First flight take off at 8.40 flew around and about for 1 hour. OK it actually was the first actual takeoff following the aborted first go. Winds fairly low and vairable so hard to pick the direction.

Landing very nearly ok only down on one knee so mark that as a successful one.

Chat to Andy and get the way points for a cross country round Southport and up the beach and back.

Second take off more successful at 10.30. Headed off to the coast. Checking off the markers looking for a large cemetery. Warned about Woodvale airdrome just south of Southport told to steer well clear. Past Homebase and Tesco Extra and very large cemetery up ahead. Can clearly see Woodvale so hopefully this is the right place to cross the urban area. Plenty of height and head off over the cemetery making for the beach. Past Southport Station on the right new bridge pointy thing very easy to see. Hit the beach and turn North up the coastal road and back round to home.

Back within forty minutes so seems a little early. Potter around for a while, some practice line ups and land again at 11.30 beautiful flare and touch down gently on both feet. So shocked about the good landing that I didn't really notice the wing waiting patiently above me to do something about it. Pulled to the left and it fell to the ground. Perfect. Two hours in one day including a cross-country!

Over lunch more chit chat and going through the way points it seems I should have headed for the second cemetery nearer the airdrome, so I have pretty much flown directly over the centre of town. Ooooops. I did have plenty of height though but not exactly the planned route. Hence the short flight.

Later in the afternoon the winds settled again enough for a third flight of the day. Took off at 5.00pm and landed again at 6. This time I did the cross-country properly with all the right markers. The view over the beach was epic and the view down the main runway at Woodvale was a little intimidating. Fortunately no one was taking off or landing and I kept the appropriate 2nm from the airfield.

The return home was somewhat triumphant even if I say so myself. The feeling of accomplishment was great. Unfortunately the now nil wind landing was a little too fast an approach with the Synth and I was on the ground before the speed died off enough. Sorry folks but I just can't run that fast. Finished with the obligatory face plant but it couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Three Hours.

In one day.

Bringing my total up to 8 hours and 15 minutes on paramotors , but more importantly for me bringing me 99 hours and 8mins total in my log book since 1979. My next hour of flight will be my hundredth.

Yes I know it is raining again today. But I can't lose the memory of yesterday and it was great.

Get some air under your feet. It'll sure make you smile.


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Well done that man, that's brilliant.

I know your feeling of elation, it can't be beaten can it. Thanks for posting I'm sure it will cheer up a few folks.

I've done the faceplant but have now cracked the faster landings, had a good 41 minute flight last night.



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Nice one doc.

Saturdays clement weather didn't go un-noticed with me but I had a wedding in the dales in the late afternoon. Set of early with PG and PPG kit (and the missus) in the car to cover all bases. Passing Lancaster on the M6 I could see lots of dots between the top of Parlick / Fairsnape fell and cloudbase indicating that the hill flying was going well there. I had decided to head further north to Tailbridge to try some PG there before heading east to our place in the dales for some possible PPG. Tailbridge was blown out although there was a hang glider flying and I got to our place in the dales too late for a quick PPG flight so it was a washout for flying for me but the wedding was good.

Hope to catch up soon once the weather starts behaving.


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I do feel a little bad posting this but....

I spent the weekend flying from a airfield in Palma :D (well just up the road, for anyone checking airspace)

I have been teaching a small group out there and first flights were had as well. :D

Nice one for hitting your 100 hours.!! And your fist and second XC. It is awesome when you have a decent XC.

I would like to recomend landing out before your return as that is just that little bit more fun :D


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