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Update on progress

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Karan has been busy even though flying has stopped for the Monsoon and army commitments.

He has registered Mountain Hawk ASC with the Nepali authorities and brought a friend in to help with the organisation. As his mate is a graduate and very well motivated towards aviation he seems likely to be a valuable addition to the team.

In 2010 there is a government backed push for tourism and one of the things Karan is looking at is a small air display at one of the venues he has earmarked for PPG. All plans of course but our new pal in Nepal has an incredible store of determination and something tells me he might just pull something off.

It looks as though Karan and I will meet up in India (Hyderabad) during late September so if anyone has any spare or unwanted kit that they think might be useful or might even have mentally earmarked for him, now is a good time to get it to me. Nothing will be wasted, it will all get used.


Karan during training at Pune with school kit.

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Things are progressing with Karan all be it in the background. I have dropped a post here to update. The summer is coming now inNepal and with it weather that isn't that conducive to (his) flying. Karan is using the time to catch up with admin and fullfil his military responsibilities.


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