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Paramotor PAP1100'as' & wing 4 sale


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i did some work for a bloke who who gave me a pap 1100as with a wing as far as im ware he only used it once or twice so it has very low hours dont supose it has even been run in it looks in vgc and the wing to touch is crisp i have manuals n books on it as well i really dont have a clue about the sport so plz dont ask me 2 any questions that i dont no im happy to drive so far to meet the person that buys it i have taken a few pics i havent got 1 on the wing only the label on it as it was dark im asking for £2800 for the hole lot rely to the theard or email e at c1lgc@hotmail.co.uk or ring me on 07980966068 you can get hold of me ost of the day lee looking through the paper work n its seems that the wing is a proxima 28

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I have spoken to this guy on the phone a few times now so I can tell you that this is a PAP (AS NEW!!)

Wing as yet is unknown, waiting for pic of certification label. (Again, described as crispy and very new looking,) "I am not even sure if it has been used" in fact were his words.

£2800 for what sounds like new kit,..... sounds like a good price. (assuming the wing is not total naff of course) and as ALWAYS when buying a wing from an unknown source, get it sent to 'The Loft' for a full inspection and line check BEFORE you fly it.


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No disrespect but it's not an incredibly convincing advertisement!

The Solo 210 (having to assume that is the engine as it is the most common one found in PAP1100's that come up for sale) is now considered to be a bit of a dinosaur and low powered compared to more modern kit and when mated to such a small prop in an 1100 cage may well only suit fairly light people.

In my view, your best bet would be to put it on ebay now and expect it to sell for maybe 500 less than your newly stated price or wait until spring and then you'll probably get 2600. Either way, if you don't sort out the advert you won't attract any buyers.

It might be an idea to let us know what part of the UK the kit is located in to attract viewers.

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thanks for your honesty how do you think i should advertise it by wat your saying then i should have it up for sale for £2100 ish dont really want to wait till spring as could do with cash as im apply for planning permission for a new house im in haytor near newton abbot devon and yes it is a solo 210

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