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Airband radio cost!!


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As some of you may have read, Mark (cageUK) is looking at Enstone Airfield as a regular Paramotor flying field (and is doing a god job)

After reading the posts and looking at the facilities I was excited at what is available on this site and looking forward to flying from there.

Unfortunately there is a requirement for airband radio as microlights/powered hang gliders/sailplanes and light aircraft use this field.

I started to look at the threads on the site and prices etc and realised that I could probably save money buying my own field!!!

Is there a set-up that is reasonably priced and a cost effective way off learning about airband so that I can get a license?

Seems like a lot of trouble and unneccessary expense when we can fly without it from anywhere else (I do understand the need for it at a busy airfield though).

Any advise welcome.


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Hi Eddie,

Basically "Radio Telephony" licence is a requirement for GA/Microlight PPL. There's a CA "Radio Telephony" book (CAP417) that covers the language used and has examples for entering/handling controlled airspace etc. Pooleys also have an RF manual, the "test" is part written but mainly an oral exam with pretend exercises that you have to respond to. Most flying schools run 1-2 day courses for the RT exam, prices vary hugely. Second-hand ICOM airband transceivers go for around £200 and there's an annual hand-held radio licence fee of £15. Did my my RT licence long time ago - bit daunting at first but suggest have a chat with a Microlight Flying School instructor (often a bit cheaper than GA flying clubs).

Best Regards

Ian Evans

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You may come across people who claim to have got the VX series working on airband, as there are a couple of very simple modifications that will allow the radios to transmit on all the bands that they receive (one hardware, and the other firmware).

However, whilst the VX will receive Airband perfectly well, it will only transmit on airband using FM. This is no use, as airband functions exclusively on AM, both transmit and receive.

HTH Phil

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