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lights in the Sky

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I just remembers that :lol:

Non of us could work out what aircraft they were!!! :shock::shock:

e-mail a pic to simon@ this website and I will chuck it in the album.


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This is virtually the same set of strobes I had on my motor when it caught fire.

I went in to the garage today and switched the isolator switch on (making sure that there was no fuel or flammable liquids in the near vicinity) and the strobe bulb that was broken caused a spark at regular intervals to jump across the contacts which are approx 10 mm apart.

That is a larger more powerful spark than your spark plug delivers, I now believe that this is what ignited the spilt fuel/vapour.

Please Please be very wary of this set up or any other where the strobe could get broken.

Pete b

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Yes Pete- Xenon strobes are dangerous, basically a small circuit charges up a capacitor with seriously high voltage, then the 'spark' jumps between 2 electrodes in a Xenon filled tube- this is what creates your light pulse- its like a lightning flash..... The Xenon tubes, and the driver circuit are relatively inefficient. I haven't heard of the spark jumping between the contacts on a cracked tube before though, but if something bridged the contacts or the cable going to the xenon head, then in theory the system will spark.

The LEDs are driven by a more refined circuit- 12v, but delivering low voltage/low current to the LED heads- The heads, do not generate heat and the contacts for the heads are safe to touch- will not spark.

Beacuse it's not a high energy pulse, the LEDs do not generate any unwanted EMF interference also. In terms of light output, the LEDs are not quite as bright as Xenon heads, but they are almost as bright.

They could be left on continously- unlike Xenon lights- but the flash pattern makes them easier to spot.

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