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Whitters diary Wed 18 03 09.


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The morning pre-breakfast flying was more of the low stuff. Clover leaf stick kicking. Pete Baldwin is the champion at the moment with 1 min 21 seconds. My best being 1 min 41.

Back for Brunch, admin and ground School.

Evening Nav' excersise was cancelled as the wind was a little strong for the original planned route. Paul Allan and myself set off for a 20 mile race arround a water tower and a church. I decided to take-off last. Due to my weight (105kg) and fully fueled I was confident I would be faster and I could overtake them both. However I messed up my take-off reverse launch twice before getting off the ground. I could see Allan not so far away and chased, Paul was much further away. I managed to catch Allan on the down wind turn as he went a bit wide, I then descended to 500 ft AGL for the up wind final leg with full speed bar. Paul was nowhere to be seen so I guessed he had already finished. Paul had to bail out because his exhaust had broken in flight. Luckily no damage to prop.

Some more stick kicking practice before sunset and return for a welcomed dinner and wine prepared by Catrina, Pascal Cambel Jones Mum who has been looking after us very well indeed. Pascal turned up at the field before we left and flew his trike under a large revolution which was good to watch.

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