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Ground handling tips


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I like the reverse kiting, it is a challenge to do, but teaches you a lot about your wing. Stall for one, how full of dirt it was for two...

One caution when trying that move as it is very easy to pop your wing if a gust noses the glider into the ground.

Same goes for allowing it to nose into ground on landing...internal pressure goes wherever is easiest, seal the LE and oh dear.

Best to try that one with a beater wing until you get used to doing opposite things with the brakes.

ie. more brake raises the wing in a reverse config.

I've added it to a playlist of GH youtube vids.

Hopefully it will help someone pick up some tips and understand their glider better.

Embedded - will play next video automatically:

Url, so you can skip to next:

I invite other good vids as this is a living list.

Ground helicopters are one I'd like to see broken down in a video.

Raul eludes to it when he spins the glider from reverse to forward.

In this list (ground based):

Big Ears

tractor kiting (side drags)

b-line management

Safety riser use

Parabatics (climbing stuff)

Hopping (loading management)

High wind wing management techniques

and other stuff I forgot to notice

Figured it would help me, so it may help you too.

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In the top one (Pete B) a really interesting moment around 2:16 where as the red wing goes up there is a very clear view as the effect of the air against the wind goes from spinnaker onto it to smooth flow - ie it progressively begins to 'fly' initially at the trailing edge but then rapidly over the whole (visible) surface as the airflow follows the profile.

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