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Ceramic Bearings & Nirvana Cage


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I tried some hybrid ceramic bearings in the redrive shaft on my Adventure (metal races, ceramic balls) as they are supposed to offer better wear characteristics, heat resistance and resistance to low lubrication situations. Five hours of running later, they are completely knackered. I think I can declare this an unmitigated failure.

This afternoon is now being spent fitting some old fashioned steel bearings, together with the Nirvana cage from Jerry at Midland Paramotors in Eire. The cage, as Weesplat has pointed out previously is a direct replacement for the Adventure one, just requiring shifting of the mounting tubes up by about an inch and re pop riveting. It is a much better quality item than the Adventure one, and is a bit larger so will accommodate a forty eight inch prop instead of the forty four inch one I currently have fitted.

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Or keep the 41 inch prop and have room for those not so gracefull landings.

Pete b

Funny you should say that, I have just come back to the forum having re-fitted the old blades for the time being. Perhaps the upgrade can wait till I have one of those new fangled reflux wings and want a bit more push. ;-)

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I think the installation method of ceramic bearings is critical,They don't take shock very well.

I believe that to be the case. I was certainly very cautious during installation, pressing on the bearings rather than tapping them into place. I also tried to ensure that the path of force was either through the outer ring OR through the inner ring, never through both and hence through the bearings themselves. Certainly on first fitting, they felt silky smooth with no notchiness. At least I thought ahead and got some standard bearings at the same time, so when I detected the problem today, it meant I could get on and fix it, rather than having the old debate of 'should I fly it like this?'.

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