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PAP Top80 1400


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Hello all,

I recently bought one of these; a couple of people I have spoken to think the cage size could well be a problem for me due my height (5' 8"), just wondered if anyone else has found this to be an issue?



I am the same height as you and had a Pap Top 80 for 2.5 years put 250 hours on it and only ever cleaned the carb out once and put one new plug in it.

I had no problems with the cage size and only changed it due to wanting more power for economy and playing around close to the ground.

A most excellent choice, enjoy :D:D

Pete b

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Don't know, I think they mainly use H&E.

I was told this was bought for a trip to India but was surplus to requirements as he wanted something with a bit more power for tandem use.

Spent a very long time trying to decide which motor to go for. I wanted the lightest possible; I know there are people who will say the weight isn't an issue as the wing takes it once your moving but as a newbie I think a lot is about confidence and I don't feel confident about running forwards over rough ground with a motor that is any heavier than it needs to be.

I had looked at the smaller caged Top80 but was told that with my revolution on fast trim it wouldn't have enough power.

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Hi Jon

I have got a PAP ros 1400 and I am 5'6". At first I found the size of the cage a problem,as a beginner,I found cage and feet were touching the ground at the same time on landing.I fitted a 115 prop to give more prop - cage clearance but was very disapointed with the performance after a 125 prop so I changed back to a 125 prop.After checking the manual for my Revolution wing I found the brake line length was 6" too long so I shortened them (after consulting the dealer)and now I find landings a lot more controlled and no problem with the frame touching the ground.I just make sure I am well out of the seat and try to lean forward on landing,feeling for the ground with the back foot. Hope this helps,if not buy one of farmer daves flat-tops and land on the skids.


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If I were a few kg lighter then A 1400 cage PAP Top 80 or an H&E R80 would be top of my list. For a newbie you require adequate thrust (too much can be dangerous until you know how to handle it) but most importantly light weight.

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