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Any mechanics out there?


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I've got an escort van(s plate) and the heater fan control is not working,out of all the bloody times in the year it can go wrong! Someone said it could be the resistor but normally when that goes you have another available speed eg 2 and 3 and not 1 or vice versa, I have nothing so im hoping it's just the switch? are they easy to change. Do you access it via the back of radio compartmnt? any help appreciated cos its frigging freezing in the mornings! By the way the heater does work and that is when im driving along the heat will come through natually out of the vents,take it the matrix is ok! cheers is advance


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Gazza, don`t bother with the standard Escort fan to blow the heat around use your Pap Ros 125 :D:D

On a serious note if you want a fan speed switch, I have got a used but good one I will send it free of charge.

On a different note, i dont think that anybody ever found out about you sleeping with Elvis in the back of his van at the Lemmings fly in DID THEY??? :lol::lol:

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