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2008 Flying

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Despite claims of it being a bad year, i managed my 100th flight for this year today- maintaining an average of 59mins for the last 100 flights- thats 98.5 hours this year- and there are still a few days left! :lol:

Just checked through the flightlog, and the GPS software.

Of the 100 flights in 2008, I only failed to track 3 of them with the GPS- printed a report off Trackmaker to Excel and did a sum of the total.....

had to sit down and do it again.... just to check...

1815 miles in total !!!!! unbelievable!!! - (averaging at around 18m per flight)

Or in a more graphic form...



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Reliability with the H&E equipment is fine, as long as you keep and eye on everything- like all 2 stroke engines. You need to clean the carb out regularly- every 15 to 20 hrs, and fuel pipes every 2 years, mebrane every year, etc..... and you'll have no problems. I've not had any issues with the gearbox on the R80 or R120- i know there were some issues with the early production gearboxes, but these have been sorted. Only problem i've had really was deformation of the upper engine mounts on the R120- planned solution is in progress.

I keep both machines active- fly one for a few weeks, then onto the other- keeps both machines in a 'ready' state. If any technical issues arise then atleast im not grounded.

The characteristics of both machines are quite different- the R120/99 is compact high thrust machine- with a really high climbrate, whereas the R80/115 has a more gentle approach, and is more economical on fuel. The R120/99 is certainly a handier machine when it comes to heading off flying- the complete unit with assembled cage can fit into the back compartment of a Renault Kangoo!- without folding the rear seats. The smaller cage/prop is also better for a 'vertically challenged' chap.

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Interesting reading your comments about motor sizes, sounds like they compliment each other nicely. I'm very tempted for a Parajet purely on cage size as it would fit in my motor without dismantling but also the R120 would take a smaller cage with the smaller prop - not as small as the PJ but food for thought.

Did you see the announcement from Pierre:

We are also introducing in 2009, a belt driven reduction system for the R120 and the R80. This belt reduction system comes with or without clutch. The objective of this reduction system is also to lower the noise and to offer a belt drive to our customers who prefer this system.

Cool stuff

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