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Going flying again...


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Another top day for all who were here!

SUN SHINING (why wernt you all here?) The day was 100% perfect for paramotors.

I had a great nil wind flight in the morning, further exploring the Fusion over the valley mist out of sight and sound of the sleeping normal people.

2 of our guys on day 3 are close to going for a fly, Flappa and Dave ( they just dont know it yet :lol: )

Eddie C had a nice long flight along the ridgeway and back. Nice take off and landing chap. (thanks for the Jet boil gas)

Mike had a fly for the firt time since Tip to Tip, not for the want of trying..... just trying to combine the weekend with the weather like most.

Paul will be flying on his next visit due to a load of practice take offs today. ;-):lol:

But I have to say.....

Pete B, Thanks man! you have been so very helpfull over the weekend mate. Big up yourself for a bit. :D:D I even herd someone say you were great at teaching. :shock:

Great weekend spent with a great bunch of blokes!

Thanks to everyone who was here for making it such a top one.


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all, Yep a great day (thank god my car got me to take off) good flight thanks again Simon to the loan of a prop. Thanks to Pete B for the advice. Yes you will make a good instructor. Silky smooth conditions today. Hot air balloon was spotted just as l was packing away, blast, l like chasing them :-)

Looking forward to a revised prop that works!!

Regards Mike

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