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Regional clubs.


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Would those mini-sites then be 'editable' by say, 'moderators' within that regional club?

Or, would the mini-site effectively be a glorified version of what we have now?

I'm just thinking on time saving and a more hassle free life for you and the current 'moderators'. You don't really want to be having to make modifications/additions to all and sundry?


Regardless, it will help a lot with search engine optimisation too...googling 'paramotoring club in herts' for example

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The plan is to provide each Branch with a Wordpress front end blog.Someone from each branch will be the 'web guy' for the branch and collate news for posts to that blog. Each web guy will be able to change the themes that their mini site uses altering the look and feel of their personal space.

We are also looking at creating a private mini-forum for each branch so that they can have private conversations if they wish within their member populations. The choice as to whether your branch blog is members only or open will depend on you, the Branch presence on the main forum will stay and you may choose to use just that. Flex is the key and responding to what you want at Branch level. There is a lot in the pipeline...... ;-)

This is an experiment, if the blog/mini forum gets used and branches feel they have value, they stay. This is about handing out a level of autonomy to the branches, providing them with an online home and 'personalized' face to the world. We can include galleries and all the bolt-ons that Wordpress enables the user to work with. The process of creating posts to the blog is really simple, rather like a forum in some ways but a piece of client software makes the process simple.

Please let us know what you think of the idea, I will keep updating the Somerset Branchso that you get the drift. When our Andy our web guy gets the time he will drop a small forum onto Somerset so that you can watch that work too. It will be open initially to facilitate access.

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Yes Ben, that is how we are hoping it will work. The Branch areas will hopefully be for close co-ordination between members; private conversations where the craik is distinctly local and the jokes probably not be understood by the confused bystander living 150 miles away. :lol:

If people use the main forum for their debating and broader conversations as they do now, it should work.

Incidentally folks, there is no monopoly on ideas here, if you have an inspiration that you think might add to what we are working on please - let's hear it. This is, and will remain your place.

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