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No hang points ..


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.. on my standard woody valley harness that comes with the Rad MXL.

I have contacted Rad who sent some pictures of a harness from that era.

The harness in the picture has loops for the crabs a little below the shoulders on the vertical webbing that connects to the waist strap.

There are no such loops on my version of the harness - any suggestions?

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My only advice at this stage is, if you dont have hang points, dont fly LOLOLOL


As pete says, pics would work well, you can upload them into your album (top right hand box on this page)

I know Rads well so am sure I can help, if not, the owner of Rad is a member I am sure he can help also.

Something to look at..

Follow the stiching of the (seat belt type fabric) up the entire length of the sholder strap. (actually try to feed your finger under the stiching)

If at any point you can get your finger through to the other site, (likely to be at the top) send a pic but I am fairly sure that we solve your problem.

**Please** do send a pic or get someone who knows to check BEFORE you fly though.

Again, Welcome (please go to your profile and fill in your location.)



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Hi Badcat Mark T's picture is very helpful. Has your harness got the black metal sliding keepers? it could be that these are mising from your straps? seems Mark's Rad simply has the carabiners in a loop in the straps.

Mark the mailons are presumably for the reserve? just have the loops a little loose and they wont rub against each other much.

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My MXL is identical to the pictures. Must admit I'm not overly keen as it just doesn't look as substantial as the 'dedicated loop' hangpoints on my free flying Swing Connect 2 Light harness (re-badged woody valley peak 2). But then again I have an irrational fear of carabiner breakage and webbing rippage anyway so I'm sure its fine.

I notice in the pics that the webbing is nice and flat through the carabiner and retainer. I find on mine the webbing kind of bunches up at one side of the crab which I also don't like.

I was actually toying with the idea of seeing if a newer RAD harness with proper hangpoints (eg for the 2008 javelin) would be compatible with the MXL but then again my loose plan was to learn on the RAD then buy a new / nearly new PAP when I had saved the dosh. So will probably do that instead.

I've only done a couple of short hops on the motor (still learning & too busy free flying) so by no means an expert. I also have a question about my (originally RAD supplied) reserve but I'll post that in the correct place.

Weather looking OK for the weekend at long last!

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