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Ramadan Mubarak


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Hi Alan!

Yeah that looks wrong now!

That twat that keeps leaving racist and abusive posts had posted a reply to your original post. I was asking for he's email address be put on public display, and his post has now been removed!

Hope that explains it!

Thought I was going slightly :x:?:lol:

Pete b

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I banned the individual who was making racist/anti-religious remarks. The post has gone now so the thread doesn't make sense. He also made insulting sexist slurs against the lovely, fragrant Tracey T. Death by stoning should really have been his punishment of course. Either that or lopping off his hands to make him an actual sexual inadequate rather than just a verbal one.

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:lol: It's not really fair to pillory the guy is it, hey - we hardly know him he might be kind to furry animals and really sweet to his Mum. She will love him of course but being nasty to Tracey is going to get him into the guano now isn't it? Legal advice, representation and general dispensary of justice - well as a matter of fact we already have one of those - a 'Beak' all of our own. I won't grass on 'im though, I might end up in front of him one fine day.


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