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First Solo at last!


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After a long elapsed time due to weather and other commitments I have now actually flown a circuit rather than power hops! I thought I'd write a few line lines by way of a snall thank you for all those who have helped on here.

This is a case of third time lucky. Afetr the usual GH, run across the field, same with cold motor and then live, we got to attempt one. This was going well when a combination of rafio failure and unfavourable change in wind ruled this one out.

Attempt two saw an Eastly wind and I got permission to use the back field of my local airfield (I also fly a Cessna 172 here). Also progressed well but during the test flight by my instructor, the prop was occasionally just making contact with the silencer. By the time we had made adjustments, we were within 5 minutes of the curfew for flying and I was not willing to damage the good neighbour policy.

And so to attempt three. Using the same venue as attempt three (unfortunately this is not available to Paramotors normally) things looked good, however the wind was not quite the forecast direction so a slight uphill run would be required. A bit of GH and runs to check skills before kitting up. However, during this period, the wind droped from the ideal 5 mph to make the launch even harder work. A few attempts with a break in between meant we were getting to the last two trys. On the penaltimate one, it all came together and I was airbourne! Time for steady circuit, at lower heights than I am used to and I don't normally see the hares scattering below me! It was an interesting comparison on cotrols sensitivity to my normal fixed wing and something I hope to improve on with experience. Working round to finals on a terrain defined circuit shape, things seemed to line up well and I chopped the power on command and glid in, flaring for the landing and ran of the speed with my legs! With the weight of a Monster on my back I was glad I stayed on my feet.

And so the initial entry to the sport has been done, rather later than planned but hey with our weather what can uo expect. How did I feel? Relieved I had brocken my duck, analysing my performance and kit to see what I could improve but mainly wanting to do a longer flight so I can get in the seat and relieve the pressure on Bob and the Boys (!) and enjoy a new style aviation experience.

Thank you to my instructor for the patience, encouragement and wise words and also those on here who have helped and advised along the way.

Cheers, Rocco.


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Great news Richie! Getting that first one out of the way is a great confidence booster. Say hello to Stephen for me. Were you happy with the FB Monster's ability to shift the wider body? :wink:

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Hi Ian, yes the Monster is good for FBXL pilots! However, as we still had probs with prop striking the silencer I did not use full power. Something to find a solution for. I am looking forward to the longer flight next time and don't think the simulated engine failure exercise will be to hard/ The low flying one will be the challange I think!

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