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SIV for beginners.

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I am organising a SIV course at Lago di Garda from 27th OCT to 1st NOV. It will be B&B accommodation and airport transfers and transport included. The course is basic recovery techniques with licensed SIV experienced instructors and full water borne recovery.

Anyone wanting more details please PM me. Flights to Treviso (RyanAir) or Brescia can be as little as £60.

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No pre-requisites except you must have third party insurance to fly in Italy, they will ask to see it. My view is that the next thing you do after learning to fly "stable" is that you learn what to do when it goes all unstable, but in a controlled environment. In this way you will react appropriately when the unexpected happens.

The location is lago Di Garda just north of Brescia. The mountain has a cable car to take off and a landing field next to the lake. You take off, do your stuff over the lake and land at the lake side. If it all goes wrong and you have to deploy your parachute, you get wet but land safe. there is a safety boat containing the instructor (probably two or more) on the water to fish you out in seconds. There are drying rooms at the hotel. The instructor is Butterfly (Dave Botha) who started SIV at Olu Deniz back in the eighties. The course is basic survival from instavbility (Asymetric collapse, symetric collapse, b-line stall, parachutal stall (not full-stall at this stage), cravatte and cascade.)

You will need to own a wing, harness, reserve and a radio which needs a water proof pocket. we look at reserve re-packing also. We supply the life vests.

Fuller details to follow soon.

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