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My new Paramania Fusion is on order.


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I could not resist...

I have just ordered my nice new Paramania Fusion!!

I have not even test flewn it, I have heard what I need to hear.

Which will be available for Demo flights from the end of September. ) PM me to have a go.


Magnus, more logos please mate :D

To all, The Fusion is not a wing for a newbie. It sits in the middle of a Revolution and an Action GT ( as yet there is no other wing that fits this description )


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I will be interested in your opinion of the wing.

Having just put another patch over a tear along a stitch line on my poor lovely Action I think retirement for her will be sooner than later.

I was very impressed with the revolution, but are there better wings to fly? How does the Revo compare to the GT or the Dudek gliders?



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I agree, a half decent review would be great...


I could not give you any usefull info at the mo as far as flight tests (although I will have one here on the 20th of September and will write something up the same day!)

A few items from Paramania may help (below).

As I say, 'to anyone who wants to'.... please come and watch my very first flight with one on the 20th.


Dedicated intermidiate powerglider :- The right mix of manouverability, autostability & performance for estabilished pilots.

Our new pure intermediate powerglider incorporates some of the performance technology from the world famous Action and Action GT to the proven safety and stability features of the Revolution. The result is an incredible Fusion of technology, experience, and shear design from Mike Campbell-Jones and his team! Pilots moving up the skill range from the Revolution will instantly feel at home with the Fusion, other pilots who already have a considerable experience in paramotoring will be delighted with the Fusion’s dynamic handling, and direct response to pilot inputs. Coupled with Mike Campbell-Jones’s next generation Reflex profile which is easy and comfortable to adjust, allowing you to go further and faster with the added benefit of real pitch positive ‘True Reflex Technology’!



I Just cant wait!!

More as soon as I have it.


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ok :) i thaught you already flew it.

I just wanna now how serious is this wing, because i know that I am not ready for GT. but I want to fly on more dynamic wing then revolution is. Because revo seemed to be like common dhv1-2. But with wide speed range.

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